Modern Ceremonies
About your Officiant

9.  What is Spiritual Humanism?

Spiritual Humanism is a religious philosophy which believes in the innate value of each individual and   standards of
ethical behavior to and for every human being  - without reference to a supernatural deity.
If you've decided to have a non-traditional ceremony but aren't sure how
to choose an officiant, here are some questions you definitely want to ask (plus my answers).

1.  What credentials and experience does the officiant have?:
I am an ordained pastor in the Church of Spiritual Humanism (although I prefer the title Humanist Pastor) and a member
of the American Association of Wedding Officiants (AAWO). I have performed weddings for several years, first in
upstate New York, and now resuming my practice in the New York Metropolitan area. I also have 25 years experience
in public speaking, conducting professional training and business seminars

2.  At what locations will the officiant perform a ceremony?
I will conduct a ceremony at any location of your choice, except a formal house of worship. A private house, restaurant,
hotel, wedding hall, public space, library, health club, private or public park or garden – wherever you can make
arrangements. If you have a vision but cannot find an available space to suit, let me know and perhaps I can help you.
  • There may be an additional charge for automobile travel to perform a ceremony outside of Westchester County.
  • Destination Weddings – If you are willing to cover the travel and accommodation expenses, I’m happy to travel to
    any of the 50 states where my officiant credentials are valid.

3. Does the officiant perform same-sex marriages?
I perform ceremonies for all couples who meet the legal requirements for marriage within the jurisdiction.
For same-sex marriage, that currently includes, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

4.  When must I pay the officiant’s fee?
My fees are listed on the Packages and Fees page. I require a $100 deposit to book and secure the date for your
wedding. The balance of the fee is due 1 week before the ceremony. You can pay by cash, personal check or with a
credit card online through Paypal. I will send you an invoice for the initial deposit (online, or  through the mail if you
prefer) which will serve as our contract.

5.  Will the officiant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Can you include
religious touches if desired?
I am very open and flexible as to what kind of ceremony I will perform. I am not qualified to conduct a truly religious
ceremony, but I am happy to include passages from the Bible or other religious texts. If you desire a reading or prayer
specific to your religion, perhaps it can be read by a member of the wedding party.

6.  At the last minute, if the officiant must miss the ceremony, do they have a “back-up” pastor they can
bring in to substitute?
.My son, Nickolas Muson, is an ordained officiant in Spiritual Humanism and has the same credentials as I do. He is
available to step in for me if there is an emergency. I am also in touch with other Spiritual Humanist officiants in the
area who can fill in .

7.  How do we know if the officiant is legally able to marry us?
I am a recognized and registered wedding officiant with the City of New York - Office of the City Clerk as Officiant
Click here to see my certificate of registration.

I also have a document from the Attorney General of Connecticut, stating that I meet the requirements to perform
weddings in that state.

Ordained pastors in the Church of Spiritual Humanism are authorized to perform all duties of a clergy person, including
marriages. New York City is one of the few places that actually checks credentials and requires officiants to register,
and its regulations are among the most stringent in the country.  I am also recognized by New York state, New Jersey,
Connecticut and most other jurisdictions in the USA.

8. Can the Officiant supply a microphone/PA system? What if there is no electricity?
I have a small, portable PA system (battery powered speaker, wireless hand-held microphone, 2 wireless lapel
This is very useful for outdoor weddings with no electric cords or outlets.